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Celldi Food Supplement

​Health functional foods containing substances that help boost immunity can be said to be particularly important foods for modern people. But most importantly, having a healthy self and mind through LM lifestyle habits is more important than healthy food. However, in today's complex life, we need products that can easily boost immunity, so we want to get closer to consumers by developing and producing products that help boost immunity.


Celldi Health Screenings

The health check-up is called Human Dock, and the term Human Dock first appeared in 1954. It means that after completing a voyage, a person enters the dock to remove shells stuck to the outer wall of the ship and inspect machinery to prepare for the next voyage. Likewise, it is said that this expression was used because it is necessary to check one's body while going through the rough waves of life. Just like humans, health checkups are essential.


Celldi Cosmetics

​There are currently 6 cosmetic products. A total of 21 brand products were launched. The value we pursue is to sell products with confidence in the beauty of cosmetic ingredients and their efficacy.

We want to focus our capabilities on continuous marketing and promotion, and on monitoring and selling cosmetics that are excellent in terms of efficacy and ingredients.

K-Buauty products will become cosmetics loved by consumers.

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