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List The Research Article of CELLDI

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K.J Physiol Pharmacol 

Characterization of a conjugated polysuccinimide-carboplatin compound


Journal of Hematology & Oncology

Characterization of a conjugated polysuccinimide-carboplatin compound Technology for circulating tumor cell separation from whole blood

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BMC Cancer Journal

Efficient mutation screening for cervical cancers from circulating tumor DNA in blood


Journal of Food biochemistry

Anticancer activity and mechanism of action of fermented wheat germ extract against ovarian cancer


AntiCancer Res Journal

Combinatory analysis of cell-free and circulating tumor cell DNAs provides more variants for cancer treatment


Toxicological Rex

Ferulate, an Active component of wheat germ, Ameliorates oxidative stress-induced PTK/PTP imbalance and PP2A inactivation

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