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For example, drugs for treating brain diseases are effective, but they are often not available despite the excellent therapeutic drugs because they do not cross the blood brain barrier (BBB).

In this case, the drug can be combined with other substances to be delivered to the brain and delivered to the target brain cells. The metabolic processes in the body can released the binding drug and have drug efficacy.

As a result, it has a need as a target drug for specific diseases and target sites, and can be used for cancer-targeted anticancer drugs.

Prodrugs are one of among the drugs that are drug delivery materials and have existing and new synthetic drug structures, and are effective by metabolic processes in the body.

Although it does not have activity by itself, it is a substance capable of inducing activity in a desired place, and has a great meaning as a core technology of drug delivery, especially in the field of cancer and brain disease treatment, and is still a lot of clinical research and development. 

Brain disease and cancer treatment Target prodrug development requires many complex technologies, including drug synthesis, drug delivery, nanopolymer formulations, brain neurotransmitters, cancer mechanisms, animal model applications, drug efficacy and safety toxicity.

Therefore, although there is a high risk in the R & D investment of the pharmaceutical industry and companies, the development of new target prodrugs, including the development of technologies related to high-risk disease research including the brain, is expected to have a large ripple effect in the domestic and overseas medical markets as a core technology development.

Celldi drug delivery system

Drug delivery systems have become one of the most important fields in medical research.

New materials that can be used as delivery materials require materials with excellent biocompatibility and biodegradability, and the dynamics of drug release during drug delivery are strongly dependent on the environment and properties in the body as well as chemically mediated parameters of precursors. Optimal design and synthesis of very suitable nanopolymers is important.


Celldi Polymers Polymer based technology has been successfully studied for the release of active drugs from drug conjugates. We identified the underlying technology as a model that enables drug release in systems similar to other similar drugs, compounds, and active materials with various functions.

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