2019. July 8~12 - Abstract published in Paris France

The key points of this abstract are:

Celldi's new, improved anticancer drug is the result of expression analysis of the iNOS gene for selective response in cancer cells. iNOS gene is reported to be a gene that not only destroys cancer cells but also helps cancer cells grow like both sides of a coin. Going beyond these existing studies of iNOS, the biggest problem with iNOS in terms of cancer metastasis, especially in cancer cell metastasis in cancer patients, may be resistance to anticancer agents and studies of related factors that are cancer cell friendly under such conditions. 

When normal epithelial cells metastasize from cancer stem cell primary cancer cells, more than 99.08% of cancer clone cells metastasized by basic immune system are destroyed by immune cells when involved in metastasis of cancer. However, at the time of confirming cancer development and before cancer surgery and chemotherapy, cancer cells are often separated from the original carcinoma stem cancer cells and penetrate the whole body and have incubation period.

If so, metastatic cancer cells that are resistant to cancer can become new carcinogenic cancer cells. In the process, the advanced anticancer drug, developed by celldi, is an improved anticancer drug with the characteristics of overcoming the resistance of cancer cells.

2019. May 15. Published in Journal of Hematology & oncology. Title: Technologies for circulating tumor cell for whole blood.

2019. April 03. Patent submitted

Title: A modified drug with conjugated with polysuccinimide and carboplatin in platinum anticancer drug


The present invention relates to an improved anticancer agent in which carboplatin, a platinum anticancer agent, is bound to polysuccinimide. The copolymer-based improved anticancer agent provided in one aspect of the present invention is a polysuccinimide having biocompatibility and biodegradability as an anticancer drug delivery material. (Polysuccinimide) and its water-soluble amine-containing substituents, while only carboplatin, a platinum anticancer agent, exhibit high efficiency by targeting and killing high levels of cancer cells, while significantly reducing secondary side effects caused by conventional anticancer agents. A patent on the development of improved anticancer drugs that can be effective.




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