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Natural product related-drugs

The following materials and methods are used to purify natural products.

Sample Purification

* HPLC & UV Detector

* C18 reverse phase column (4.6 x 200nm)

* 0.1% formic acid

* 0.1% formic acid in ACN

* Total running time 25 minute

Bio active evaluation

* Animal cell line experiment

* mRNA expression pattern

Final candidate discovery

chemdraw NMR

cryo NMR 600Mnz

From natural products to single compound purification

From Natural product to purified bio active single compound

Separation of biologically effective single compounds from natural substances is known to be a very difficult technique and time consuming. Our technology and know-how has the skills and know-how to break down this prejudice and develop new medicines from natural products through minimum time and optimal efficacy search.

Reference of celldi company


1. Step

injection volume 10 ul

Total injection 200 times

Collection of 7 fractions from F1 to F7 (3 minutes interval)

Biological evaluation of each of the 7 fractions


2. Step

Each of the seven bioassays obtained on the first HPLC is identified. Among the fractions showing activity among them, seven fractions from F1 to F7 are collected again after HPLC, and biological evaluation is performed again.


3. Step

Main Peak Candidate Substance Verification


4. Step

​Validate candidates

5. Step

Identification of single candidates through cross-analysis and comparison of hypothetical NMR results identified by HPLC and chemdraw programs with cryo NMR 600 Mhz data

Core Technology​

1. Determination of pharmacological efficacy

2. Seven fractions obtained after HPLC separation

3. Gene selection for pharmacological efficacy

4. Freeze-dried fractionated solution and Dissolved

5. Cell shape and cell examination

6. Genetic Pattern Identification

7. Purification and lyophilization of efficacy fraction more than 200 times

8. Acquiring a Single Compound in mg for Cell Experiments

9. Comparative analysis with chemdraw and NMR results

10. Derivation of candidate substance and chemical synthesis


The analysis and purification of single compounds with biological efficacy in natural products requires a high level of skill and experience, as well as highly skilled techniques that require the use of expensive analytical equipment from HPLC.

In addition, it is a technology that requires a lot of time and effort from at least 6 months to 3 years before deriving the active substance, as the biological evaluation must be conducted simultaneously with the analysis.

Representative examples of paclitaxel anticancer natural product research drug development.


By introducing Paciltaxel, a natural anticancer drug, we introduce the importance and ramifications of the development of new drugs derived from natural products.

Paclitaxel, which is currently used in breast cancer, lung cancer and ovarian cancer patients all over the world and forms a market scale of about 20 trillion won, is a natural anticancer drug discovered in the bark of yew tree in 1962.

Nobel Prize in Physiology Medicine

In 2015, a Chinese scientist (Youyou Tu) won the Nobel Prize for his contribution to the development of anti-malarial drugs by discovering the antimalarial artemisini from the firefly.

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