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Anticancer drug discovery

Chemotherapy is a very important cancer treatment along with cancer surgery and radiation therapy. The development of new anticancer drugs without new types and side effects is a challenge and a process of innovation for the development of anticancer drugs that are very active in extending cancer patients' lives and eliminating cancer. Although it requires difficult research periods and research expenses beyond imagination, we will do our best to develop new anticancer drugs.

celldi company is developing various anti-cancer drugs by developing food supplements, chemical synthetic modified anticancer drugs, and natural related chemical anti cancer products.

Working and supporting for celldi company and having a sense of accomplishment and pride for everyone who believes in celldi company is also a big goal for celldi company.
celldi company will be a strong company that can develop good products for cancer patients and make new anticancer drugs.


Drug discovery



Liquid Biopsy and Precision Medical

Hospital in Europe and lung cancer gene mutation research are fused with CTC (Circulated Tumor Cells), NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) technology and Bioinformatics technology to develop core technologies for detecting, analyzing and developing targeted anticancer drugs.

Genetic Identification of Cancer Incidence and Technology Based for Personalized Medicine
We have studied using below technique. Mutation studies of 51 actionable genes using DNA extracted from lung cancer tissue samples, cfDNA (cell free DNA), and ctcDNA (circulated tumor cell-derived DNA), and amplification of target genes to amplify rare allele frequency genes We study by technique.

Research & Development

Scientific research on aveultra products has been published in the Journal of food biochemistry and Toxicological research. Acta Biomaterialia and Journal of Hematology & Oncology have published the results of drug delivery materials and cancer gene research, which are the basis for the development of anticancer drugs.

Based on scientific research on R & D and core-based technology, we will develop innovative products that can enhance the quality of life while being scientifically effective.

Our goal and pride is to develop healthy products and reliable products for consumers through research and development.

aveultra plus - new product  - Launching on 2019 July
2020. Feb. Research credit fund selected from Chongbuk Creation Economy Inovation Center
2020. Feb. Research grant selected from KRIBB of the title "Bio Future Innovation Venture company"
2019년 Anticancer Res
Combinatory analysis of cell-free and circulation tumor cell DNAs provides more variants for cancer treatment
2019. The 15th International Conference Magnetic Fluids, Book of Abstract
Characterization of conjugated of poly(succinimide)-carboplatin anticancer drug
2019. Journal of Hematology & Oncology 
Technologies for circulating tumor cell separation from whole blood
2018. Journal of Food biochemistry
Anticancer activity and mechanism of action of fermented wheat germ extract against ovarian cancer
2018. Toxicological Research
Ferulate, an Active compoment of Wheat Germ, Ameliorates Oxidative Stress-Induced PTK/PTP imbalance and PP2A Inactivation
2018. Acta Biomaterialia 
Kinetics of dopamine release from poly(aspartamide)-based prodrugs

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